"I help successful families grow and preserve their money with results based strategies for today's markets"

Personnal pic My name is Marc J. Cormier, President and Owner of “Prestige Financial Services Inc”.

I've been in the financial services industry since February, 1998 and I became Mutual Fund Licensed in Sept 1999.

I started my career with Metropolitain Life. Over the next eight years, through a variety of sales and changes, I was with The Mutual Group, then Clarica, which was then sold to SunLife Financial.

In mid-2006, it became apparent that in order to better serve my clients, it would be better to work independently.

That’s when “Prestige Financial Services Inc.” was created. I affiliated myself with various Life Insurance companies and what is now “Equity Associates Inc.”. This enables me to offer a variety of insurance and investment products to help my clients meet their goals and objectives.

Why choose me?

What difference can you expect by working with an independent advisor?

Most of us acknowledge that turbulence exists throughout the financial markets.  Your financial objectives may call for greater security, but who is watching your back?  Financial complacency can be insidious and the cost of oversight may be high!  Have you covered all the bases?

What size nest egg will you need to retire?  What rate of return is necessary to maintain your desired lifestyle?  What investment strategy has the best opportunity available to provide you with a comfortable retirement? What distributions will you take?  What taxes will you pay? What might happen to changes in your health or increases in the cost of living?

Meanwhile, what should you be doing now?  The most common questions I am asked by my clients are how they can reach their financial goals and what will be required to do so?  Are you willing to take responsibility for the outcome?  If so, how can you improve?

The advantage to an advisory relationship is the expertise available from years of professional experience.  Service is an important ingredient to those results, along with a commitment to your financial progress and well-being.

As a client of mine, you become beneficiary to a powerful alliance between “Prestige Financial Services Inc.” and various financial tools providers.  Through our strategic relationships, I am able to access a comprehensive menu of wealth management solutions offered through mutual fund companies, guaranteed products providers , top rated insurance carriers and group benefits for small businesses.

As your consultant, my role is to provide you with quality advice and support. I also offer advice in terms of “Tax Planning”, “Estate Planning”, “Corporate Structure”, “Employee Benefits” and more.  To complement my knowledge and experience, I may also work closely with your CPA or attorney in consideration of your plan.

My firm serves those who pursue their financial objectives and a lifestyle dictated by their own terms. 
Are you ready for the challenge?